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Redlands Hearing Impaired

Support Group

 Assisting hearing Impaired  in the Redlands





The Redlands Hearing Impaired Support Group aims to:


  • - provide support and understanding for those persons and their families who experience the difficulties associated with hearing loss.

  • - provide information about the range of services available.


  • - advocate the provision of greater access to technology and facilities to assist people with hearing loss.


  • - provide information to the general community regarding the implications of living with hearing loss.





The Group meets at10.00 am on the 2nd Saturday of the month at the

Donald Simpson Community Centre

172 Bloomfield St Cleveland, Queensland

Attendance Charge for

DSC Memebers $6 includes a Cuppa. 

Non DSC Members $10  Visitors welcome.







FM systems are available in the meeting room for those who need assistive technology for hearing access.

Headsets are available for those who don't hear well but don't have hearing aids: neck  loops are provided for those who wear a hearing aid with a telecoil.


If you don't know whether your aid has a telecoil – ask  your hearing aid provider







An outreach of Better Hearing Australia Queensland Inc

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